Food Insecurity!!

2020 is in the rear view mirror, but sadly so much of what we’ve been dealing with: shut downs, job loss, COVID19 spikes and related closures, new viral strains and coronavirus fatigue are all still in affect. Some things are slowing down or being fazed out. The unemployment numbers don’t even tell the tale of so many not only out of work, but unable to sustain the food necessary to keep their families health and well being about them. The idea that there are so many people in this country that are dealing with food insecurity is truly foreign to me and maybe that makes a me little naive. Weird phrase though, don’t ya think! Food Insecurity! Especially in a country like ours with sooo much!! No matter what, no one should be going hungry!! Support your local food pantries, restaurants and grocers.


Food Insecurity: The Fight To Feed America. Click Here.