Four Concerts in Four Days!
Hi, it’s Leslie and last week I had one of the best weeks ever! I went to four concerts, four nights in a row.
Wednesday night, I was at Fall Out Boy at Wrigley. Thursday night, I was at Addison’s Rockin’ Wheels with Pretenders Tribute Band The Great Pretenders. Friday night I saw Stevie Nicks at the United Center, and Saturday night, it was James Taylor at Summerfest in Milwaukee.
People are constantly saying to me, ‘”How do you do it? I’d be dead by now!”
I guess it’s a combination of things. I’m pretty careful with diet and exercise, so I’m physically fit. I also drink a lot of water, and try to get enough sleep.
But here’s the thing: the biggest reason is because I love it so! I actually get MORE energy from going out, listening to live music, and being with people, especially friends. It’s one of the things I missed most when we had to shelter in place.
What gives you energy? What brings you joy? Let me know in the comments, and ROCK ON!