If your internet is slow, a few minor adjustments may help.  Here are four things that might be worth a try before you pay more for faster broadband.

Move your router.  Walls, doors, and too much clutter can affect WIFI speeds.  So the closer you are to your router the better.  If it’s tucked behind a desk or a couch, that could also be the issue.  Or if it’s really old, you might just need a new one.

Pay attention to how much other devices are taxing it.  Most people’s internet can handle multiple devices with no problem now.  But if you’re streaming Netflix in three rooms while your kid is playing “World of Warcraft”, it might be too much.  Also, try to plan any big downloads for nights or weekends.

Shift your video chat times.  The top and bottom of the hour are the busiest times for Zoom calls.  So your internet speed might be slower, or Zoom’s servers might be struggling to keep up.

Don’t use your microwave.  Some experts think it’s possible microwaves interfere with WIFI signals to some extent.  Especially if it’s too close to your router.  Cordless phones, baby monitors, and computer speakers might do it too.

Time magazine had some other great tips. The best one though…wired connections are always better than wireless!