Free help for families in need

Hi, Leslie in for Mitch today, and the pandemic is still weighing heavily on many local families. If your family is in need, or you know someone in need, or you’d like to help others in need, read on:

This Saturday, March 12th, Immanuel Lutheran Church on Wolf Road in Hillside is having a free family food distribution. You don’t have to register, and they’ll even help you enroll in federal food programs, get your groceries online with the PEBT debit card, and help you to find out if you or your kids are eligible.

They’ll be giving away bagged groceries including meals, bread, juice, dairy, meat and produce.

The food distribution starts at 11:00 and it ends at 1:00 unless they run out sooner than that, so get there early!

If you’d like to make an online donation, or you need more information, please click HERE