Fully Vaxed And Ready To Party?

So here we are headed smack dab into Memorial Day Weekend! OK it’s 3 weeks from Friday, but whose counting? My point is that we (and I speak of the general population here) seem to be gaining on the pandemic and things are opening up. That is a good thing for sure! I see that Navy Pier is open again and doing fireworks on the weekends. Concerts are coming back! Remember live music! In general the state is moving toward full occupancy in restaurants and bars and almost normal or at least with very few restrictions! People seem to want to flash their vaccination cards and I think I heard that Staples is even laminating them for free. They still want ya to wear the mask and that makes sense, but are you now seeing your social calendar starting to show some signs of life. Maybe an invite or two and some ideas yourself about heading out for some fun! Well I’m all for it, but I did see a piece on advice of how to get back into the flow, safely. Here’s a couple of their tips.

  1. It’s normal to feel stressed when being social again.
  2. How to prioritize who to hang with first.
  3. Sometimes it’s best to just decline invitations.

To read the whole article click the link below.

Your Social Life Is Booming Again. Experts say “Take Baby Steps” As You Start To See People Again