Fun at The Cat Show This Weekend!

Leslie Harris here, and I have seen Cat Shows on TV. Well, I’ve seen bits of Cat Shows on TV, because honestly, I think they’re kind of boring.

We also have Cat Shows here in the western suburbs, and I finally went to one last weekend. It was WAY more fun than watching it on TV, and YOU have a chance to go this weekend!

I got to see all kinds of exotic cats, including a werewolf cat, also called a lykoi, and the hairless cat you see me holding in the picture. Those types of cats will also be at the show this weekend, there will be many more interesting, unique cats to see.

They’ll also have fun merchandise for you and your furry friend, including cat toys, t-shirts and socks with cats on them and much more.

The rescue that I volunteer with, Saint Sophia’s forgotten felines, will also be there with lots of cute, friendly, adoptable cats. Maybe you will meet your new best friend!

This weekend’s cat show is at the Weitendorf Agricultural Education Center, 17840 West Laraway Rd,  in Joliet. Find out more HERE