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Fun At The Fair

Today was the last day of the DuPage County Fair. I had not been there for several years, and some things have changed, but much is the same.

Of course, there were chickens, pigs, and cows – typical farm animals. There were also lots of rabbits — yes, bunnies in many colors and sizes. Some were little and others were as big as a small dog.

You can’t have a fair without carnival rides, and the DuPage County Fair had plenty.

My favorite part was the Demolition Derby.  I mean, who doesn’t like to see car crashes? The first round was with 5 small, imported cars. Round 2 featured 3 mini vans. Round 3, the grand finale, featured 10 large domestic cars. It was a blast, and nobody got hurt.

Although the DuPage County Fair ends tonight, no worries! Next weekend, you can check out the Kendall County Fair in Yorkville.



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