Fun facts about Presidents’ Day.

Hey there, Leslie Harris in for Nick Jakusz. Happy Presidents’ Day!

Here are some fun facts regarding this holiday. Even though the holiday began to honor George Washington, it is now celebrated to honor every person who has served in the office of President of the United States.

The holiday was first implemented by an act of Congress in 1879, on February 22nd. On January 1st of 1971 the holiday was shifted to the third Monday in February.

President’s Day is always held on the third Monday of February, and it is specifically honoring George Washington. It’s a State holiday in most States, but it has 15 different names including Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthday, Presidents Day, President’s Day, Presidents’ Day, (three different spellings) George Washington Day and Washington’s birthday.

George Washington was born in Alexandria Virginia, which has the nation’s longest running and largest George Washington birthday parade. That’s quite a claim to fame! He’s also the only president to be unanimously elected.

Did you know that cherry pie is often associated with this holiday? It’s an homage to the story about George Washington chopping down the cherry tree. Let’s all have some cherry pie!