Fun Stuff…Find out What Happened Back in the Day on August 26

Back in the Day on August 26…

115 years ago – In 1907, Harry Houdini jumped off a bridge over the San Francisco Bay with his hands tied to a 75-pound ball-and chain.  He swam to the surface in less than two minutes . . . minus said attachments.  It was a trick, ya know.

102 years ago – In 1920, the 19th Amendmentguaranteeing American Women the Right to Vote, was declared in effect.

76 years ago – In 1946, Norma Jean Baker signed a contract with 20th Century Fox.  She soon changed her first name to Marilyn after dancer Marilyn Miller . . . and her last name to her mother’s maiden name, Monroe.  She used to have relations with JFK and RFK, ya know.

69 years ago – In 1953, the CLASSIC sci-fi movie “The War of the Worlds” . . . not the Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg version . . . was released.

54 years ago – In 1968, The Beatles released “Hey Jude”.  The song was #1 for NINE weeks . . . longer than any of the band’s other hits.

It was written by Paul, for John’s 5-year-old son Julian . . . to help him through his parents’ divorce.  John was in the process of leaving Julian’s mom Cynthia for Yoko Ono.

52 years ago – In 1970, Jimi Hendrix made his last public appearance, at England’s Isle of Wight Pop Festival.  He shared top billing with Bob DylanJoni Mitchell, and Richie Havens.  Jimi would die less than a month later.  The dragon don’t chase itself!

48 years ago – In 1974, Charles Lindbergh, the first man to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic, died at his home in Hawaii at the age of 72.

44 years ago – In 1978, the Frankie Valli theme song from “Grease” went to #1.

36 years ago – In 1986, Ted Knight . . . the genius who played Ted Baxter on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, Judge Smails in “Caddyshack” AND Henry Rush, animator of Cosmic Cow on “Too Close for Comfort” . . . died of cancer at 62.

25 years ago – In 1997, Creed released their debut album “My Own Prison”.  Some might say, in hindsight, that the title might be seen as foreshadowing of Scott Stapp’s eventual bi-polar diagnosis.  Or not.

19 years ago – In 2003, Hillary Duff released her album “Metamorphosis”, featuring So Yesterday.

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