This year CWPA are really excited to have a brilliant message, which they are promoting on how be a ‘conservationist at home.’

SHOP LOCALLY AND RESPONSIBLY With the recent lock down, we have all got used to doing things slightly differently, including shopping closer to home, so why not carry on? It helps in all sorts of ways from supporting small, local businesses to shrinking your carbon footprint and is way more fun! And if you can avoid buying un-recyclable products and one-use plastics/packaging, even better!

PUT PLANT BOXES ON YOUR WINDOW SILLS One of the easiest things to do… put a plant box on your windowsill, grow some flowers, and give the bees somewhere to go. We’ve all heard of the importance of bees, and this little nod towards their daily requirements is already a huge step in the right direction. Imagine if every windowsill had a flower box! It would be an absolute miracle, so let’s start that process!

ONLY FLY LONG HAUL IF YOU REALLY HAVE TO. Something else lock down has taught us ishow amazing the internet is at keeping us in touch with each other! We’re all Zoom experts now! Let’s embrace this new whizz technology and only take those flights if there is really no other way. BECOME A “WILD INFLUENCER.”This is a special person who may be not a mega activist, but really, really cares about the environment and wants to do something to help. For more ideas, please go to: ComedyWildlifePhoto.com