Gatorade Is Testing a Brand New Drink: Water.

Gatorade has announced a new product.  It is NOT a neon-colored thirst quencher . . . it isn’t an energy drink. . . and it isn’t a protein shake.  It’s WATER.

The product is called “Gatorade Water,” and it isn’t a joke.  They’re trying to tap into the growing “functional water” category, which is water that is “enhanced” or “fortified” for additional health benefits . . . supposedly.

Gatorade says it’s an electrolyte-infused . . . unflavored, alkaline water . . . that’s filtered with a SEVEN-STEP process.  And it contains enhanced pH levels.

Kind of reminds me of those old Secret deodorant ads, “Strong enough for a man, but pH-balanced for a woman.” Anyway.

There are already brands doing this like Essentia and SmartWater, but Gatorade hopes to bring it mainstream with the “credibility” of their brand name.

Speaking of credibility, these fancy waters COULD have special benefits, like improved, all-day hydration, boosting your metabolism and stuff like promoting weight loss, clearer skin, and even being cancer-fighting. But there’s not a lot of science supporting OR refuting those claims.  So it might just be expensive water.

Gatorade Water will hit shelves sometime early next year.