Gene Simmons on the future of Kiss!

Hi, Rich Dale here.  So Kiss is talking retirement after the current tour, and maybe this time they mean business.

On the subject, Gene Simmons has insisted Kiss will “continue” beyond touring.  The band will stop touring after their ‘End of the Road’ farewell trek but Simmons says KISS will still stick around in some form and do things he hasn’t “even thought of.”

He explained, “Kiss the touring band will stop. But Kiss will continue in other ways. I have no problems with four deserving 20-year-olds sticking the makeup back on and hiding their identity.”

He went on to say, “There could and should be a KISS show, kind of live on stage with effects and everything else, but also semi-autobiographical thing about four knuckleheads off the streets of New York that ends with the last third as a full-blown celebration, a full-on performance. Not with us. Although not a problem stepping in every once in a while.”

That would be a new thing!  In fact, at one point, the band wanted to find new members through a reality TV show!  Gene Simmons says he had conversations with legendary TV producer Mark Burnett about a reality competition show called KISS: The Next Generation – where young people would compete to take over as future band members.

That TV show never happened, but Simmons is definitely not against Kiss being eternal beyond him and Paul.