Get an Early Start to Your Saint Patrick’s Day Today!

Leslie Harris filling in for Tim Thomas, and since I get off the air at 10 today, I am going to be heading out for some Saint Patrick’s Day fun!

There are St. Patrick’s Day parades in Lemont, Elmhurst and Midlothian, and Irish festivals in Orland Park and Joliet. I’ll be going to the 24th annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Elmhurst. I went a few years ago, and it was so much fun. This year, you’ll have a chance to see Benny the Bull, Southpaw and Tommy Hawk, Medina Clowns, Chicago Highlanders, the York High School marching band, and my buddies, the Elmhurst Armpit Orchestra, featuring the world’s largest drum! Look for them towards the end of the parade, just before the horses and the garbage trucks. (A Worthy Placement) They also always invite Bill Murray to join them, whose face graces the head of the drum. Maybe this is the year he’ll actually show up!

The 24th annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Elmhurst kicks off at noon today, at the corner of Wilson St. and Spring Rd. See you there!

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