Get Free Kane County Cougars Tickets Just for Donating Blood

I received an email this morning detailing how low the blood supply is. I am familiar with how it’s constantly on the brink of being too low, but every now and again (usually during the Summer when school blood drives pause) blood supply trickles down to dangerously low levels, jeopardizing the health and safety of patients who rely on blood transfusions. In some cases, hospitals are forced to postpone surgeries or delay critical treatments. Trauma victims from car accidents or shootings are at the highest risk, as their survival often depends on a healthy blood inventory. If these types of cases occur in the coming days, we might not have the blood needed to keep them alive.

Thankfully there are organizations like Versiti Blood Center of Illinois (of which I volunteer on their Community Action Board) who track the need and put plans into action to get the blood supply up to sustainable levels. These Emergency Pleas are not just a marketing gimmick to get more donors. If the supply gets below a certain limit, giving how much demand they foresee, an “emergency plea” is put out.  They can’t do anything about it, though, without YOU!

Coming up on Wednesday is their annual Strike Out Blood Shortage event at Northwestern Medicine Field in Geneva! Not only can you help out people who need blood (like cancer patients, trauma victims, mothers giving birth, organ transplants, etc), but you will also get a pair of tickets to an upcoming Cougars game!

The ballpark blood drive goes from 9am to 3pm. Appointments are preferred but walk-ins are welcome!

If that date doesn’t work for you, Versiti has blood drives CONSTANTLY at locations around the suburbs. You can also make an appointment at one of their permanent donations centers located all over the area, as well. However and whenever you do it, just go do it!

In case you need more reasons on what’s in it for you…

🩸Donating blood burns 650 calories!
🩸You get a free mini-physical before each donation!
🩸Free snacks!
🩸You can find out your blood type!
🩸In most cases, your blood stays local!
🩸One blood donation can save up to three lives!