Get Your Live Music On!

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris filling in for Nick today. Sunday night, I went to my second big concert since before the pandemic. I saw Green Day with Fall Out Boy and Weezer on the Hella Mega tour at Wrigley Field. It was glorious.

All three bands played well, and it was obvious that they were as happy to be there as the fans were. Most bands still really love to perform, and the pandemic stopped them from doing what they most love to do.

Now I know that a concert like this might be a little to people-y for some, but there are plenty of opportunities for you to see live music in a less crowded setting. For example, Ravinia in Highland Park and River Edge Park in Aurora are back open with their spacious, open seating. You can choose a spot away from others and still heat some great live music.

Concerts in the park are also back in many area towns and villages. These are often free, and you can find a nice spot where you can enjoy the music.

Get out and enjoy yourself. After the last year and a half, we deserve it!

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