Give A Hoot…

Leslie Harris here, and there used to be an public service campaign on TV. It featured an owl and the slogan was, Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute!

I thought about this on Tuesday when I saw not one, but two of these disposable masks on the ground in parking lots. (I went to FIVE different grocery stores on Tuesday) I have actually seen these right next to garbage cans!

I understand that when you come out of a store, your anxious to get that mask off your face and get rid of it. (kind of like getting rid of a bra as soon as you get home, am I right, ladies?) But please, just find a garbage can, or stick it in your pocket until you get home. Please think about the employees too. No one should have to pick up your used mask.

This has gotten to be a huge problem, so let’s be part of the solution. Give a Hoot – don’t pollute. Let’s all take care of our community together!

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