Glamor! Chicago Got Any? I Think So.

So what do you look for in your city? Good services, great restaurants, low crime, climate? There are so many things that go into where we choose to live and making a living is probably the biggest factor. I know I’ve lived here in Chicago going on 50 years and it’s home to me, but there are other locales calling my name for my golden years. Warmth and sunshine are big factors. Glamour never really entered into it and this is one great town to live in, but maybe for some that is important. So here are the most glamorous cities and the least for you dining and dancing pleasure ladies and gentlemen. Spoiler alert. Chicago isn’t top 10 in this survey, but it’s still got a whole lot of pazaz and the best pizza!


50 Most Glamorous Cities Click Here.

Most Glamorous Cities in America
Rank City
1 Miami, FL
2 New York, NY
3 San Francisco, CA
4 Las Vegas, NV
5 Atlanta, GA
Least Glamorous Cities in America
Rank City
46 Fresno, CA
47 Wichita, KS
48 Bakersfield, CA
49 El Paso, TX
50 Corpus Christi, TX