Global Warming. How Warm Is Too warm?

So here’s a bunch of the catch phrases for Global Warming! Carbon footprint, greenhouse gases, fossil fuel emissions, sea level rise, parts per million, average global temperature, renewable energy, we need your resistance to save our existence and there’s no Planet B. There are many others , but you get the idea. I personally believe we need to make changes in what we’re doing with our planet or our children and grandchildren (of which I have both) will pay the price for a lack of action and there seems to be a lot of science that backs this idea up. The melting of the polar ice caps and many glacier’s is certainly an alarm bell ringing. Now I see the biggest iceberg in the world has just broken off from Antartica! It’s 3 times larger than the city of Los Angeles. Let that sink in for a mo!

World’s Largest IcebergBreaks Off From Antartica. 3 Times The Size Of The City Of LA. Click Here.