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Go ahead and take them for granted, but in a good way!

You might have heard — today is the start of National Dog Month!  It’s a new “proclamation”, so I guess this August is the inaugural Dog Month.

Dogs have been known as “man’s best friend” for good reason.  More people own dogs as pets than any other animal.  They’ve been proven to be excellent therapy animals.

So I say, you can take them for granted, but only in the same way that they take you for granted.  Your dog assumes you’ll always be there, but it doesn’t stop them from being filled with gratitude every time you show up.  When a dog falls asleep on your lap, it means they feel safe and secure and that feels pretty good.

So if you want to take your dog for granted, fine — do it that way.  When they’re around, pet the heck out of ’em.  Let ’em know that you love when they’re around.  Maybe you’ll even go slightly overboard and annoy them, like they do to you.

Here’s to canis familiaris!  Long may they lay around.

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