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Goodbye, Crash Diet. Here Are 6 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Better For Your Health.

Happy New Year! Did you know that 44% of Americans say they will take on a resolution this year, many of them with a health goal in mind. Many people consider the crash diet for a resolution, but some experts say that crash diets can cause a weakened immune system, dehydration and cardiac stress.

So if improving your overall health is what you’d like to focus on for 2019, here are some ideas that DON’T include a crash diet:

  1. GET BETTER AND MORE SLEEP. Not getting enough sleep can decrease your immune system’s ability to be as strong as it should be to fight things (common colds other viruses)… not to mention mood swings that come when you don’t get enough sleep (looking at myself in the mirror). Keep in mind that most adults need around 8 hours of sleep per night, but that varies by age and individual. The National Sleep Foundation recommends doing an at-home sleep test where you go to bed at the same time every night and see when you naturally wake up. I tried to do something similar to that over our holiday break and I slept like 12-13 hours… sooo, uhh….
  2. CHANGE WHEN YOU EAT. Some experts recommend that one way to lose weight without changing your diet is to only eat when the sun is out, which might be more difficult now in the winter months when it feels like it’s only light out for a few hours. :\ The experts say that if you only eat when the sun is out, you can take advantage of when your body’s metabolism is running at its fastest.
  3. WORK YOUR FACE-TO-FACE RELATIONSHIPS. Fostering face-to-face friendships (compared to only talking to people on social media or through text/email) can help manage your stress levels, increase endorphins and maybe help you live longer. In fact, a study overseas concluded that people who don’t see friend sin person regularly are 1/5 times more likely to have poor health than those who visit with six or more friends per month.
  4. BOOST YOUR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. Increasing your physical activity can do more than just burn calories! Some experts say that moving regularly helps decrease the potential to develop depression or anxiety. Staying active can also help individuals curb osteoarthritis!
  5. GET TO KNOW YOUR PCP. Be sure that you are checking in with your primary care physician at least once a year to take care of your preventative care (blood pressure, cholesterol, vaccinations, etc). This will also help strengthen your relationship with your doctor to address any health concerns that you have.
  6. REDUCE STRESS LEVELS. It should come as no surprise that your level of stress can impact your overall health. In fact, 60-80% of all primary care visits touch on at least one problem related to stress. One way to reduce stress is to focus on breathing for 5 mintues in the morning and 5 minutes in the afternoon (inhaling through your nose).

Good luck with your 2019 resolutions!

Danielle Tufano

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