Marshall Brodien, who played “Wizzo the Wizard” on WGN TV’s Bozo Show for 26 years, has died.   He was 84-years-old.  As I mentioned before my husband works in museum exhibits and a while ago did an exhibition on the Chicago area’s magicians.  My son (who is pictured above) met him and Marshall gave him one of his fabulous magic kits which at the age he was then , he loved.

This is what my husband had to say about Marshall Brodien….


“I did an exhibit on Chicago Magic a number of years ago and met some amazing and amazingly talented people including Marshall Brodien, Eugene Berger, Tim Balster and Neil Tobin. I was sad to hear of Marshall‘s passing today though he has not been himself for a long time. He and his wife Mary allowed us to come into his house and borrow all sorts of materials and he couldn’t have been more charming and kind and generous and thoughtful, he did his disappearing sponge rabbit trick for us on the spot. At one of his visits to the museum he took this photo with my son Henry. He lived just a few blocks from me in Geneva for many years and I should have visited him more than the two or three times that I did. The Magic community and the rest of us have lost a true gentleman entertainer and teacher.”

Thanks for the fun you brought into our lives Marshall Brodien, you were truly magical!