Google’s Thanksgiving Report Covers Everything from Pie to Parades

Google released its Thanksgiving report on everything from football to the top “how to” questions we’ve been googling.  They came at it from a lot of angles this year, so let’s jump right in . . .

1.  The top Thanksgiving-related search has been for “Thanksgiving sides.”  And second is “Thanksgiving movies.”  The top sides we’re searching for include stuffing, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole.

2.  The top turkey-cooking technique we’re reading up on:  How to “smoke” a turkey.  How to deep-fry them is also a popular search right now.

3.  The top “how to” questions overall include:  “How to make stuffing” . . . “How to cook a turkey” . . . and “How to CATCH a turkey.”  (???)

4.  The top pies we’re googling are:  Pumpkin, apple, pecan, sweet potato, and cranberry.  Pumpkin is first in 28 states, and apple in 22.  (Here’s a map.)

5.  Other trendy desserts include:  Mini apple pies . . . chocolate pecan pie . . . bread pudding . . . pumpkin chocolate chip cookies . . . and carrot cake.

6.  Trendy drinks this year include:  Hot buttered rum . . . apple cider mojitos . . . pumpkin martinis . . . pumpkin pie pudding shots . . . and cranberry sangria.

7.  Eight states have been googling “Thanksgiving parade” more than “Thanksgiving football”:  Montana, Michigan, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont.  (Here’s a map.)

8.  And finally, the type of “stuffing” each state is googling more than other states.  Or “dressing” as it’s called in the South.  There are too many to list them all, but you can check out the map they posted.

“Cornbread dressing” dominates in the South, and in a few states where it’s called “cornbread STUFFING” instead.  Also, “Turkey stuffing” and “sausage stuffing” are big in a lot of states.  But here are some of the weirder ones . . .

“Oyster stuffing” in Kansas, Missouri, and South Carolina . . . “stuffing with Greek yogurt” in Utah . . . Nevada wants “stuffing wrapped in bacon” . . .

“Jalapeño cheese stuffing” in Hawaii . . . “red Jell-O stuffing” in Oklahoma . . . “keto cauliflower stuffing” in North Dakota . . . “soul food stuffing” in Kentucky . . . “stuffing with raisins” in Pennsylvania . . .

And two states sound like they’re just searching for SALAD dressing . . . “French dressing” in Rhode Island, and “Italian dressing” in New Jersey.  Those ARE both types of stuffing too, though.

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