Got Allergies? I Can Help!

I am lucky that I do not have any allergies.  Some of my family members were not so lucky.  Perhaps some of you can relate.  Well Spring is here…although sometimes the weather makes us feel differently…and pollen can wreak havoc on us.  Here are a few ways to survive the bad allergies:

  1.  Try showering twice a day or at least shower before bed.  This will remove the pollen from your hair and body every night.
  2. Wipe your face if outside a lot.  A wet wipe can be your new best friend.
  3. HYDRATE!  Dehydration can make all of your symptoms worse.  Green tea and ginger tea are good too.
  4. Don’t open windows.  Yes, the weather can be nice, but it lets pollen in.  Or get a device that can filter the pollen from the air.
  5. Check clock and weather.  Pollen is usually higher in the morning…and if it is raining that may actually be the best time to be outdoors…or just after a rainstorm.

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I am Tim Thomas…I am here to help!