Got Holiday Anxiety? Me Too!
Hi it’s Leslie Harris, and a new study shows that people find the holidays more stressful than tax season. Are you feeling it? Me too!
The holidays have always been a stressful time for me. I always host Christmas dinner, and I have a love/hate relationship with that.
I shared earlier this year that I have ADHD. This means that I struggle with time management and organization, two skills that are REALLY useful this time of year. And on top of it, I’m battling a sinus infection. Fortunately, it’s not covid. (but there was a tiny part of me that was hoping it was. It would be the perfect excuse to get out of hosting)
Anyway, experts say there are better ways of dealing with anxiety like:
Acknowledging your feelings. It’s okay to not feel happy at the holidays. Also, realizing where it’s just coming from can help alleviate it. Identify what it is you’re feeling and what’s causing it.
Plan ahead as much as possible. Yeah, I have done this, and I thought I was getting an early start this year, but I still feel like I am much farther behind than where I should be.
Learn to say no. I’ve gotten so much better with this. I keep getting great invitations, and I want to say yes to all of them, and I know that if I do, it’s going to cause even more stress.
Make some time for yourself. This is a good reminder for me. With all I’ve got to do, it might look like a really bad idea to go for a walk on Christmas morning, but that might be just what I need to do to have the rest of the day go smoothly. Maybe you’ll need a walk, a long hot shower, or some time to meditate.
Focus on healthy habits like getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, getting exercise, eating healthy and taking vitamins and supplements. Sure, we’re going to be eating more holiday foods, but make sure you get those healthy foods in there too.
Stay connected with people who keep you grounded, especially if you’re going to be seeing family members who you feel anxious around.
Got any other tips for managing holiday anxiety? Let me know in the Facebook comments