Grocery shopping in COVID land

While the pandemic has hit several U.S. industries hard in 2020, one market is actually thriving through the madness; grocery shopping.  Grocery shopping is at such a high right now, The New York Times says grocers have seen eight years of projected growth in only one month!  Zowie.

Some of the most popular items to buy during the pandemic include oranges, with sales 52% higher than the year before.  The freezer section is also a hot spot in 2020, with sales jumping by 94% in March, according the American Frozen Food Institute.

As Americans observe social distancing guidelines, The Times says we now go into the supermarket “with a purpose”, meaning better shopping lists and fewer trips through the aisles.  Stores have changed because of the pandemic too, with larger aisles and new and improved cleaning methods.

And to think it all started with a run on toilet paper.