Guess Who’s Not in the Rock Hall

While such Canadian acts as Rush, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell are represented in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, one notable band from the Great White North isn’t — and fans are trying to do something about it.

Fans in the Guess Who’s hometown of Winnipeg have launched the “Guess Who 4 the Hall” campaign in an effort to see Burton, Randy, and the boys take their rightful place alongside previously-elected Canadians. “During an era where the Beatles ruled everything, the Guess Who put Canada on the rock and roll map with the world’s number one single, ‘American Woman,'” reads a statement on the campaign’s website. “We marveled at how a band from Winnipeg’s North End achieved such incredible success in the music industry, how they made history, how they influenced and inspired so many others along the way.”

So far, a petition started by “Guess Who 4 the Hall” has received 2,500 signatures.  Canadians won’t leave one of their own hangin’, eh?