Half of Us Have a Family Member We’d Like to Ban from the Holidays

Is there anyone in your family you wish you could BAN from all holiday get-togethers this year?  If your answer is yes, there’s a good chance it’s one of these four people . . .

52% of us have at least one person we’d uninvite if we knew there wouldn’t be any blow-back.  And the top four people we’d ban are . . . an aunt, uncle, nephew, or cousin.  (Not in-laws?)

Most people expect at least some drama this year.  And just over half of us think we know WHO we’ll be blaming for it.  Here are the top five things that can cause family drama over the holidays . . .

1.  Lingering or unresolved family issues.  15% said it’s the #1 cause, which was good enough for first place.

2.  Personalities that clash, 12%.

3.  Beliefs or values that don’t line up, 11%.

4.  Politics, 9%.

5.  Alcohol, also 9%.

(PR Newswire)