Hang out with Danny Trejo (online) Tonight!

Hi this is Leslie Harris. Danny Trejo is going to be hosting an online event this evening, and you’re invited.

Tacos, Hollywood and Redemption is happening at 7:00, and it’s being hosted by the Yorkville Public Library.

You know Danny Trejo, he’s been in more than 100 movies like Runaway Train, From Dusk till Dawn, Anchorman, Heat, Desperado, and the Spy Kids movies.

He was also in and out of the California prison system throughout much of the 60s.

He’s also opened successful restaurants in and around Los Angeles, and has his own brand of beer, coffee and more.

And he’s an author!

He’s an interesting guy, and you can hear him talk tonight on a Zoom meeting at 7:00. Find out more and get registered HERE