Hanukkah. Not A Jewish Christmas!

So Hanukkhah started yesterday and goes for 8 days. What Hanukkah is not is a Jewish Christmas. I am not of the Jewish persuasion, but have friends who are and over the years they have patiently educated me of the yea’s and nea’s of what Hanukkah is and isn’t. The traditions and stories that go with Hanukkah are as delightful and endearing as any and all the Christmas stories. They bring a new understanding of a different religion and a different celebration. Hanukkah is know as the Festival of Lights and it falls near enough to Christmas to be confused with all the glitter, lights and the celebration of the birth of Christ and the coming of Santa. So below is an explanation of just what Hanukkah is and isn’t.

Hanukkah Is Not A Jewish Christmas.

The Meaning Of Hanukkah.