Winner At War-Survivor Season 40 begins tonight and I am thrilled and excited!

So 20 years ago, a television show was created and you could argue that it was the first great reality show of its time.  40 seasons later, it is still going strong.

If you are not familiar with this juggernaut TV show on CBS, this show in is first season saw a group of strangers placed on an isolated location and left to fend for themselves.  They have to get their own food, water, and create their own shelter.  They compete as two tribes (sometimes 3) in challenges and immunity and someone is eliminated at the end of every show.  Last person standing wins $1,000,000!

It is a really interesting way to see people from various walks of life, interact with one another. Alliances are formed, promises are kept or broken, and even after 4o seasons you see things you never thought you would see.  From finding hidden immunity idols, to people getting voted out after not receiving any votes, to making fire to survive in the game.  I have never missed an episode.

The show still draws about 10 million viewers a week, and it shows no signs of slowing down.  TV Guide even voted that it was one of the Top 40 television show of all time.  It is entertaining, intense, and now I get to watch 20 of the best in this game’s history go head to head.  I have goosebumps.  Hope you do too.  If you have never seen a episode, check it out.  It is worth it.  Long Live Survivor!  Congratulations on 40 seasons.  You deserve it.  It airs tonight at 7 pm on CBS.

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