Today we celebrate the birthday of the drummer of the Beatles! Happy 79th Birthday Ringo Starr!

He is often one of the under appreciated Beatles.  But he was the one who kept the beat.  And many of the best druumers in the world recognize just how good he is.  Click HERE for a video from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that features Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, Stuart Copeland of the Police, and Max Weinberg of the E Street Band.

On Aug 3 Ringo will be playing Ravinia in Highland Park with the Beach Boys.  If you are interesting in tickets or info on the show, click HERE to see the legend perform.

He is known for spreading Peace & Love.  And we should do the same today.  And recognize his greatness and what he has done in the world of music.  He has been knighted.  And he is a music legend.  Happy Birthday Ringo!

~ Tim Thomas