Happy Anniversary, RAM!

Coming up in May is the 50th anniversary of the release of Paul and Linda McCartney’s album Ram.  It was Paul’s second album after the breakup of the Beatles, and all the individual Beatles were still recording on Apple records at the time.

That album holds a special place for me.  I was in junior high when it came out and was one of my first rock and roll albums, unless you count every album by the Monkees.  I bought it because of the single “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” and the back of that single which also got a lot of airplay, “Too Many People”.

But I never stopped playing that album.  And I’d always listen to it from start to finish.  It was the beginning of my love affair with concept albums.  The way some of the songs musically went from one to the other and the way that the album is kind of “bookended” by two versions of “Ram On” really a seventh grade kid.  An old friend of mine later said that it sounded a lot like the Beatles’ white album and that Paul probably made it to show that he was responsible for a lot of that sound.

So I’m glad I’m not the only one celebrating the anniversary.  A special remastered vinyl edition is being released in May, as well as a cover of the entire album called “Ram On” featuring lots of artists including Denny Seiwell, drummer on Ram and one of the drummers for Wings.

Check out this article about the reissue and enjoy!  https://www.nme.com/en_asia/news/music/paul-and-linda-mccartney-ram-reissued-celebrate-50th-anniversary-2912076