It was this day 17 years ago I was broadcasting on my college radio station with some friends live from a bar on the Southside (sup, Gilhooleys?!). We did so every Wednesday, which is why our three-hour sports talk show was dubbed The Sports Bar.

Wouldn’t you know it, Angelo, Matt, Kevin and I were all LIVE ON THE AIR on WXAV 88.3 FM The X as the White Sox clinched their first world series!

Here’s what it sounded like. I’m the one that said “This could be it!” as the ball was hit…then silence…then jubilation! Thank goodness my friends kept it professional because I was just yelling like a damn fool!

It was a memory that I’ll never forget with some great guys that remain friends to this day.

After the moment that Paul Konerko caught the throw from Juan Uribe, it was mayhem! Drinks flying, people screaming, mass hysteria. I remember jumping up in excitement and landing on the chairback that had slide underneath me as the person in front of me also lept into the air. That did not feel great, but the celebration continued!

As far as the broadcast goes, I grabbed a cell phone and ran into the rainy streets around 103rd and Pulaski, asking random strangers how it feels to witness the first Sox World Series trophy in 88 years. Some people answered politely, others couldn’t help but curse, one person drove through a red light to evade me (in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have ran up to their car window in the middle of the intersection). Audio exists of that event somewhere. I’ll do my best to track it down and share it with you!

Go Sox!