Happy Birthday, Planet Earth!

Hi, Leslie Harris in for Mitch today, and tomorrow is Earth Day!

I’m a big fan of planet Earth, and there are many things we can do to take better care of her.

The first Earth day was held on April 22nd 1970, and it has just been growing every year.

There are many local events you can take part in, such as neighborhood cleanups. Even if you can’t find an event, you can always go to a park, or even your own neighborhood and do some clean-ups. You can also pledge to use reusable shopping bags, water bottles dishes and utensils. You can also reduce your speed on the highway to conserve fuel. (especially with the price of gas!)

I found ways that you can volunteer, as well as Earth Day events in counties in our listening area.

Find out about DuPage County HERE

Find out about Kane County events HERE

Let me know about other Earth Day events, and how your participating, in the Facebook comments