Happy Dog Mom’s Day!

Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  This is my wife Synoma, wearing one of our dogs, Asti Spumante, like a mink stole, which is something that’s easy to do with a dachshund.  Asti is 13 years old, but everyone thinks she’s a puppy.

The second Saturday in May is Dog Mom’s Day, so it almost always is right before Mother’s Day.  I guess if May 1st is on a Sunday, it would be the following weekend.  Dog Mom’s Day was actually started by Dig, a dating app for dog people.

So for all you moms of “fur babies”, happy Dog Mom’s Day!  Believe me, they look more to you than they do to their actual canine mom, if she’s still around.  They can’t buy you flowers, but maybe they could dig some up.