HAPPY HOUR: Local Police Chief Directing Traffic in Single-Digit Cold

I don’t have too much to say other than to give a public pat on the back to the new chief of police in Downers Grove Michael DeVries.

Chief DeVries was out directing traffic this morning, with temperatures near zero.  I would imagine this job would be handled by officers whose rank falls a few notches below Chief. Maybe this is something that chiefs of police do all the time around here, but I doubt it!

The photo above was taken by resident Mike Mesce at the corner of Main and Burlington in downtown Downers. A train had stalled on the tracks blocking a few streets when Chief DeVries had to keep traffic flowing.

Chief DeVries has 22 years in law enforcement, has been the deputy chief since 2018, but only took on his current position earlier this year. Even with his newly earned stripes, he isn’t above taking on the small jobs, like directing traffic in the freezing cold. It’s safe to say he’s making a good impression to the community and the rank and file under his command.

Good work, Cheif DeVries! Humble leaders are the best leaders!

If you see any other random acts of kindness or people going above and beyond, let me know so we can give them the recognition they deserve during Happy Hour!