Happy Kiss With Make-Up Day!

OK, so today is actually National Kiss and Make Up Day.  But I like my way better.  I say today is about the hottest band in the land!

The funny thing about Kiss is that their trademark has always been their makeup, but the truth is that underneath that, they’re actually pretty skilled songwriters and musicians.  I can’t blame ’em though.  Being good musicians can pay the bills, but it won’t necessarily make you filthy rich.  And given the choice, most of us would probably put on the makeup if it made a difference of about $100,000 a day.

They did actually try a few albums where they didn’t wear the makeup on the cover, the first of which was of course Unmasked.  And the music was actually just as good.  But face it, when people think of Kiss, it’s not their actual faces that people are thinking of.

The latest entry in the Kiss makeup saga is that there’s a new Pokemon that a lot of people are saying looks like the various members of the band.  It’s called Obstagoon and it’s got black and white coloring with an evil expression and a long tongue.  Remind you of anyone?

Gene Simmons says he’s actually quite flattered by the look of the new Pokemon.  Pokemon has been part of his life ever since his kids got into it.  And what better than to have the newest Pokemon look like dear old dad’s on stage persona?

My kids were always into Pokemon too, and I wouldn’t mind at all if a new Pokemon had glasses and a little pot belly.  Works for me.