Happy Mother’s Day!

Hey, it’s Leslie Harris. Happy Mother’s day!

My own mom passed away last year, so I’m especially grateful to have my kids to celebrate Mother’s Day with. Here are some of my favorite memories of my own mom:

Going downtown at Christmas time to see the windows on State Street.

Snuggling with her on the bench seat of the car as Dad drove

Having her with me, cheering me on, while I gave birth to my children

The way she would hoop and holler when we would go on the Sea Dog Extreme at Navy Pier

Some of my favorite memories with my own kids include:

Giving birth to each of them in the comfort of my home. (with my in attendance)

The two of them serving me breakfast in bed for my birthday, complete with coffee and Nutella crepes. They even wrote I  <3 you in the Nutella.

That time my older daughter sang and danced to the song Gary Indiana from The Music Man in her school variety show, and ended up on the front page of our local paper.

That time my younger daughter played a spider in the play Charlotte’s web, and learned how to do beautiful work on the aerial silks. She loved it so much she’s still doing it.

Please share with me your favorite memories of your own mom, or if you are a mom, some of your favorite memories of your kids.