Happy National Black Cat Day!

Hi it’s Leslie Harris, filling in for Mitch Michaels today, and you may know that I am a crazy cat lady.

I have had cats my whole life, and I am heavily involved in cat rescue. Almost every week I drive down to New Lenox and take a load of cats and also sometimes dogs to rescue agencies like the Hinsdale Humane Society, ARF in Wheaton and Saint Sophia’s Forgotten Felines, also in Wheaton. So of course I am celebrating National Black Cat Day!

National Black Cat Day was created to educate people about black cats, and their low adoption rate. I have a black cat in my home. In fact, the kitten you see in the picture is my Luna, shortly after we got her 3 years ago.

The superstition that black cats are bad luck is just that, a superstition. Luna has brought nothing but blessings to our home. She is a very sweet and shy little cat, but when she loves you, she will come and purr loudly on your lap while kneading your leg before she settles down for a catnap.

If you are thinking about adopting a cat, please look at the cat’s personality , rather than the color. Each cat has its own unique and wonderful personality, including those beautiful black cats!

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