Happy National Dog Mom’s Day!

Hey, it’s Rich Dale here!  Today is a day tailor made for my wife.  It’s a new day proclamation by the National Day people, whoever “they” are.  The second Saturday in May is National Dog Mom’s Day, which usually will put in on the day before Mother’s Day.

My wife and I got married just a few years ago and I learned quickly that she took the dog mom thing fairly seriously.  She doesn’t have any human kids, so the dogs are her kids.

The first Mother’s Day after we got married, she told me that she considered herself a mom because of the dogs and I kind of chuckled.  Then on Mother’s Day, I just said “Hey, happy Mother’s Day!”  She didn’t blow up or anything, but she was clearly disappointed that “the dogs” didn’t even give her a card.  (Her sister had handled that for years.)  Nothing like disappointing your wife after being married for less than a year.

So from then on, I make sure the dogs get her something.  And now look — a special day just for dog moms!  Maybe I can claim that I arranged for that.  You won’t blow the whistle on me, will you?




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