Happy National Puppy Day!

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and by now, you probably know that I’m a crazy cat lady, but I’m also a crazy dog lady.

Okay, I actually only have one dog, but I do love dogs, and I almost always say hi to them when I am out walking, especially with my own dog.

This is a picture of my dog Remus when we first got him. He was probably a little under a year old. I was very resistant to getting him, as I have never had a dog before. I thought it was going to be a lot of work, my husband and my younger daughter PROMISED they would take care of him. Well, they did for a while, but with my daughter going to school, and my husband going to work, guess who is the person who walks him most?

Yeah, but you know what? I like it. I live in a pretty neighborhood, and Remus gets me out enjoying it, plus we both get a lot more exercise. The fact that our yard is not fenced helps a lot!

Today is also a day to raise awareness about shelter dogs. If you’re thinking of adopting a dog, please check the shelters first, even if you’re looking for a specific breed. Shelters and other rescues get dogs in all sizes, colors and breeds. A good place to start is petfinder.com

I also help transport dogs and cats (and sometimes even rabbits) from high-kill shelters, to no-kill shelters, and it is one of my favorite activities.

Let’s celebrate puppies today. They bring so much happiness to our world.

Are you a dog lover too? Show me pictures of the dogs in your life!

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