Happy Ugadi, Among Other Things

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and I am always interested in learning about other cultures. Maybe it’s because my mom works for an airline and I traveled a lot when I was a kid

One of my favorite things to learn about is different holidays. Today is Ugadi, which is New Year’s Day for some states in India. Normally, this would be a big, festive occasion, just like New Year’s Day is in our country. (with lots of food like this yummy looking curry)

Today is also National Lobster Newburg day. I don’t think I’ve ever had Lobster Newburgh.  Apparently, it’s lobster cooked with heavy cream eggs and cayenne. Sounds good to me! (this blog is making me hungry…)

It’s also National Medal of Honor day so if you have one of those, kudos to you.

It is also Manatee Appreciation Day. Boy I love those big lumpy creatures. I’ve often joked about keeping one in my bathtub.

It’s also National Little Red Wagon day, and National Tolkien reading day, so maybe pull out some light reading?

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