Hats off to Nickelodeon for their First Ever Football Broadcast

I’m still trying to get my kids into sports, so I was pretty pumped to learn that Nickelodeon was going to broadcast the Bears/Saints games yesterday! They had their own announcers, Nick-themed graphics, and even virtual slime that shot from virtual cannons after each touchdown!

No matter how it would have went, I totally appreciate trying something new and pull in a younger audience. But not only was the idea great, so was the execution!

I feel the announcers got off to a rocky start, really trying to force the Nickelodeon-themed puns and comparisons. But then they settled in and worked well off each other. Noah Eagle, son of long time professional broadcaster Ian Eagle, was great as the play-by-play man. Former NFL wide receiver Nate Burelson did great as the annalist by keeping things super simple, avoiding the Xs and Os that can be confusing to those unfamiliar with the game, and having a lot of fun.

The three person booth was rounded out by a young lady who I have never heard of before. I gathered she was a star on a popular Nick show. She was obviously just there to relate to the younger viewers and ask some of the questions that would be asked by someone with no football background. They all played well together.

My personal favorite was Young Sheldon explaining some of the penalties.

Overall, it was well done! I’m not sure it could be an every-week thing, but I would certainly welcome it back once or twice a year during the playoffs

Hey, MLB…you were taking notes, right?