Have You Ever Heard of a RAGE Room?

Leslie Harris here, and I just heard about this the other day. Rage rooms are all the rage.

Have you ever felt so angry that you wanted to just throw stuff and break it? Well a Rage Room is for you.

You pay to go into a room, and there’s all sorts of things that you can break. Dishes, appliances, funiture, etc, and you can take all of your anger and frustration out. And no one gets upset about it! In fact, they’ll invite you to come back and do it again! I think this is a great idea.

The first Rage Rooms were in Japan in 2008, and statistics show that most of the customers are women. Hmm…

We tend to bottle stuff up. What if we had a safe way to just let loose? A therapist once told me to buy a baseball bat and whenever I was feeling really angry, I should really let loose on some pillows. Seems like the same concept, although psychiatrists are divided about whether Rage Rooms are effective, or if they actually exacerbate rage.

Are there any Rage Rooms in our area? Some ax throwing places are advertising themselves as such, and I can see how they could perhaps serve the same purpose.

Have you ever been to a Rage Rooms? Let me know in the Facebook comments