Hi this Leslie Harris filling in for Nick Jakusz, and I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. My mom recently moved from Florida to an assisted living facility 5 minutes down the street from me. I have had a sinus infection for what feels like forever, (really more like two months, but still…) I have some foster kittens that are having more than average health problems, and I’m hosting Thanksgiving dinner haven’t even started shopping! So I’ve been feeling a little stressed.

A dear friend of mine listened to me spew out everything that’s been going on with me the last several months. She made me promise I would do a Brain Dump. I’ve never done one before and she had to explain it to me.

Basically, you write out everything that comes into your mind for at least an hour, preferably two hours. To say was skeptical is an understatement, but I had promised my friend that I would take on the task. In fact, she asked me when I would complete the task, so I promised her I would do it yesterday afternoon.

I resisted as long as I possibly could, so it about 5, I set the timer for an hour and 5 minutes, and I sat down with pen and paper and started writing things like “this is stupid…” and just whatever came into my mind.

One of my major stressors right now is that my house is very cluttered, and my mind is also very cluttered, so I wrote about that. Amazingly, I started to feel better about my house, and all of a sudden I wanted to clean! But, I still has a lot of time left on the clock so I kept writing.

I wrote for the entire hour hour and 5, and I’m still fairly amazed at how much better I feel. I have more energy and more motivation to tackle the tasks at hand. I was in a better mood and feeling more optimistic. I highly recommend it, even if, like I, you think it sounds stupid!

Have you ever tried a Brain Dump? Will you try it now that I recommended it? Let me know in the comments on Facebook.

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