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Have You Ever Tried Rolled Ice Cream?

Hi this is Leslie Harris filling in for Scott and Danielle, and as I mentioned yesterday, my family and I went to Chinatown Sunday. We passed several places that have rolled ice cream, even though rolled ice cream is technically from Thailand. Of course we had to try it!

At first I thought maybe the ice cream was rolled with some type of pastry, but it’s just the ice cream. It’s pretty interesting to watch. The employee started by taking a cup of milky liquid and spreading it on something that looked like a crepe pan, but it is freezing cold. Within a minute or two, she scraped the pan that had frozen the liquid and started spreading it in a thin layer on the same surface. Once she had the whole thing spread into a big square, she took something that looked like a putty knife and scraped the mixture into rolls, like the picture you see. It tastes a lot like regular ice cream, but the flavors are very different. I had rose and strawberry, my daughter had matcha green tea, and my nephew had chocolate-hazelnut banana.

These places have become more common, and you can even find them in the western suburbs. It was fun to try! Have you tried rolled ice cream? Will you? Let me know in the comments

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