Have you heard of the “non-filtered” App BeReal?  Check this out!

This sounds more down to earth than most apps.  No time for a filter, nothing will be perfect, like life, and you never know ahead of time when it’s going to open up for you to post.  Confused? (see below)

Have you heard of this yet, because young people are obsessed with it:  A social media app called BeReal came out a while back, but it’s blowing up right now.  And it’s all about showing your friends what’s REALLY going on in your life.

Things like Instagram and Facebook are full of photos that we set up, pose for, or add filters to.  But BeReal doesn’t allow any filters.

Once a day . . . at a random time . . . you get an alert telling you to post a picture of what you’re doing at that exact moment.  It actually takes two pictures simultaneously . . . one with the front camera on your phone, and one with the back camera.

You only have two minutes to post, so there’s no time to add a filter.  And the app doesn’t have editing tools anyway.

You don’t see your friends’ photos until you’ve posted one, so you can’t just creep on people without being part of it.  If you miss the two-minute window, you can still post, but everyone will see that you did it later.

(Here’s an example of what a post looks like.)

Two-thirds of the people on it have joined since January, but not everyone loves it.  Some people say the time limit makes them anxious . . . or they feel lame when they’re just sitting on the couch watching Netflix every time.

One 25-year-old woman told BuzzFeed she was CRUSHED the other day when she posted a photo . . . then found out in real time that all her friends were at a party she wasn’t invited to.

(Axios / BuzzFeed)