Havin’ Any Fun Yet? I Sure Am!!

Workin’!! As I sit here playin’ the rock n roll we all love, surrounded by electronics, a microphone in my faceĀ  and the TV on mute (watching Ellen at the moment) I am often hit with an emotion or two of how fortunate and blessed I am! Sometimes it’s a particular song that strikes a cord or a memory, sometimes it’s just being able to have some fun on the air with my traffic pal Tom Beck! They say if you find something you love, pursue it and you’ll never work a day in your life! For me that philosophy couldn’t be more spot on! I have been fortunate enough to spend the best part of the last 50 years in radio. Just celebrated my 50th anniversary in November and then my 47th anniversary in Chicago in December! Life is so remarkable because of all the twists and turns. The magic of family, wonderful kids, even more amazing grand kids, the love of a beautiful woman, great friends, the opportunity to experience so much, music, people, travel, nature (my flowers)…I could go on but I think you get the idea. I’ve mentioned this before, I’m often asked when I’m thinking about retiring….not any time soon. Still havin’ too much fun. I hope you are too!



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