Having a tough time with your New Year’s Resolution? You are not Alone.

I promised to do more exercise and I’m at about a 10% success rate.  I think about it more than I do it.  You having issues sticking to your resolutions?  You are not alone.  I also tried to give up sweets and that definitely has not been a success.  I hope it helps that you are not alone…

Here at the top 15 things that are hard to give up for New Year’s.

If you chose to give up something as part of a New Year’s resolution, you’ve now made it FIVE DAYS.

Maybe you gave up something relatively easy like fruitcake . . . ranch dressing . . . or shopping at Kohl’s.  Or maybe you gave up something much more difficult.

A new survey came up with a list of the 15 hardest things to give up for New Year’s, and the #1 spot went to CHOCOLATE.  It beat out MEAT, which was the runner-up thanks to all the people going vegetarian for January.

Bread was #3, followed by driving . . . alcohol . . . potato chips . . . cake . . . social media . . . wine (which gets its own spot outside of “alcohol”) . . . cookies . . . smoking . . . beer . . . takeout food . . . sweets . . . and clothes shopping.

Most of these things are just meant to be temporary, like for January.  But 21% of people are ALREADY doubting their ability to make it through a month.

So WHY are we doing this?  Most people are giving up something to improve their health.  Other reasons include:  Losing weight . . . saving money . . . and to do it just for the challenge.