He Finds Deadly Sea Shells Down By The Sea Shore! Ouch!!

When we start talking about things down by the sea shore that might be of some danger we’re lookin’ at Jelly Fish and Portuguese Man o’ Wars, the tip of a Sting Rays tail or the bite of a Great White Shark or a Moray Eel, but certainly not a snail. A teenager, from Queensland, Australia, is an avid shell collector who regularly heads down to the ocean to search for ocean treasures. After picking up an attractive textile cone he came inches away from death. Inside was a cone snail, which is among the “most venomous creatures on earth.”This animal will kill in less than 9 minutes. Our beachcomber thought it was empty. Wrong! Number 4 most DEADLY animal on earth.” Let’s be careful out there and don’t forget your SPF 30.

Teen nearly Dies After Holding Deadly Shell. Click Here.